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The Decentralized Exchange

By the People, For the People, Of the People


The First DEX with no intermediaries on Arbitrum

Welcome to Arbidex. We are the first DEX that revolutionizes the entire Arbitrum space, offering the most efficient platform with a simple UI, lowest fees, and total decentralization by giving 100% of swap fees back as real yield.

Arbidex offers Classic Liquidity as well as Concentrated Liquidity, both set with lowest fees and powered with SOR (Smart Order Routing) which allows us to take the best of both worlds to provide the best swaps maximizing your returns while minimizing your costs. 


What sets us apart is our dedication to creating a fully free platform without intermediaries. At Arbidex, you become both the owner of the DEX and a user. We achieve this by directing 100% of swap fees to our main utility token, $ARX. This empowers our users to actively participate in the platform's growth and earn from every trade made on it. 


01 Real Yield

ArbiDex allows you to become both the trader and the DEX itself. With our $ARX token, you can earn 100% of the fees in real liquid $BTC $ETH $USDC $ARB generated by the DEX, Perpetuals & Marketplace with no locking or taxes like other dexes. We create a totally-fair decentralized ecosystem. 
And even earn partners  incentives/bribe by acquiring xARX and staking it to earn  tokens like $FXS $GNS $JRT $USD+ $DAI+ & more.   

02 Incentive Model

With our innovative design, we have introduced xARX, a escrowed ARX token that promotes the longevity of the protocol and rewards long-term holders. By implementing controlled emissions through xARX, we ensure a sustainable token distribution model that avoids sudden dumps and fosters a more balanced ecosystem while rewarding juicy incentive for liquidity provisition at the same time as well. 

03 Features

Lowest Fees - Experience the advantage of ArbiDex's low trading fees, making it one of the most cost-effective DEXes on the Arbitrum. With a remarkable 20% cheaper swap than other DEXes. 

Quantum Strategies - Unlock the power of customizable strategies tailored to your specific needs. ArbiDex empowers you to effortlessly manage assets, choose range options, and benefit from automated strategies that optimize your returns without you even needing to work. 

Most-Friendly UI - Our user-friendly UI simplifies DEX interactions. With an intuitive design, you can navigate seamlessly, perform token swaps, provide liquidity, and participate in farming with just a few clicks. Unlike other complex UIs. 

Experience the power of up to 150x leverage and deep liquidity with our orderbook-based Perpetuals offering over 70+ cryptocurreny. Trade your favorite cryptocurrencies with ease and flexibility. And with exactly CEX like UI and fast experience. 
Best part? You guessed it right 100% of the swap fees redirected to xARX. 

Stop wandering and enter the vast galaxy of Arbidex within the Arbitrum universe. An experience so captivating that going back will be unimaginable

The Blueprint

One Stop for all your needs



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Real Yield Distributed


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By Volume on Arbitrum

Native DEX by TVL



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