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All about "The People's DEX"

With the brand new concept of earning 100% of the protocol-generated revenue by different products, ArbiDex is the first DEX to offer such a feature where users can be both the trader and the DEX itself. This major utility of its token $ARX enables holders to earn real liquid crypto generated by the protocol itself in real time. 

Quantum’s Smart Order Routing system is an advanced routing mechanism that takes multiple factors into account when sourcing for the best prices for users. The SOR evaluates not only the prices in Classic & Quantum pools but also considers the gas costs associated with each transaction and the slippage, ensuring that users obtain the most favorable prices while minimizing gas fees. The SOR is constantly evolving as new pool types are integrated into the Arbidex Classic & Arbidex Quantum matrix, guaranteeing that all pools within the matrix can facilitate trades and that any custom pool built on Classic & Quantum can take advantage of the collective liquidity, providing investors with the best Swap Rate

Arbidex Perpetual with upto 200x leverage, a vast selection of over 70+ cryptocurrencies, and a complete CEX-like UI experience. Deep liquidity with our orderbook-based Perpetuals. Trade your favorite cryptocurrencies with ease and flexibility

Security has always been a top priority for Arbidex, and with the introduction of Quantum, this commitment to safety and transparency remains stronger than ever. Quantum is undergoing a comprehensive audit to ensure the highest levels of security and trust for its users. Moreover, the team behind Arbidex has been thoroughly vetted through a rigorous process, having been doxxed and KYC’d by two separate KYC companies as well as to a community member. These measures are in place to instill confidence in the platform and its team, demonstrating Arbidex’s unwavering dedication to providing a secure and reliable DeFi environment for its users, while continually raising the bar for safety standards in the industry

Quantum Concentrated Liquidity - QUANTUM takes liquidity provision to the next level with its Concentrated Liquidity model. Users can allocate their capital within specific price ranges, ensuring optimal utilization of all funds, unlike classic liquidity pools where 90% of the funds are never utilized. With lower tick ranges and dynamic fees, liquidity providers can earn higher rewards with less capital. Moreover, the model can outperform Uniswap V3 and other DEXs on Arbitrum in terms of capital efficiency and fees. 

Quantum Automated Strategies - Catering to the diverse needs of its users, QUANTUM provides a range of customizable strategies to optimize returns. Users can create or deposit into strategies, manage their assets effortlessly, and choose between wide or narrow ranges. They can also build custom ranges with dynamic fees and benefit from automated strategies managed by the best in the industry — DeFiEdge. With these tools at their disposal, users can effortlessly tailor their investment approach to achieve maximum profitability






Smart Order Routing




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Real Yield to Efficiency

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