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The birth of Arbidex, the most simplistic dex with 100% real yield. 

Built on the Uniswap V2 model and ability to earn all the swap fees back to $ARX


The biggest leap in innovation, built on Uniswap V3 model powered by ALMM of DefiEdge to offer the unprecedented efficiency at lowest fees with 100% of swap fees going to $ARX and with Smart Order Routing powered by Odos offering the best of both world routing through Classic as well Quantum


Arbidex Bridge is a layerzero bridge for stable assets to swap around more then 7 chains with the safest possible bridge powered by Stargate, delivering all bridge fees back to $ARX. 

ARBIDEX Perpetuals

Experience the power of up to 150x leverage and deep liquidity with our orderbook-based Perpetuals. Trade your favorite cryptocurrencies with ease and flexibility. And with exactly CEX like UI and fast experience.

ARBIDEX NFT Marketplace 

Explore the innovative gas-less NFT marketplace, the first of its kind on Arbitrum. List, cancel, edit, and perform all transactions seamlessly and gas-free. And that's not all! When you buy your favorite APE, you also earn additional tokens as rewards as well.

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